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Orthotics in Mackay

Custom orthotics improve the lives of our patients. Just as prescription glasses improve the sight and overall wellbeing of a patient, custom orthotics can also have a huge impact on a patient’s life. Orthotics provide proper alignment and weight distribution. This results in reduced pain and discomfort throughout the body and makes daily activities more comfortable and enjoyable. 
"The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground." -Buddha

The custom orthotics process 

The process starts with a simple visit to our clinic. One of our friendly, licensed podiatrists will assess the patient’s foot and identify pressure points. After we have a complete picture of your foot, our doctors will recommend an orthotic specifically designed to correct your step.

How do orthotics help my foot get better?

When soft tissue (ligaments, tendons, muscles) becomes injured in your foot, it is generally because the tissue has been under some form of stress or load over a period of time. To begin the healing process you first need to shift the stress away from the injured area and then strengthen it. Orthotics work by altering the load as it passes through your foot when you are standing and walking.
How the load is altered is a very individual thing as it depends on your foot, how you walk and the type of injury. Your podiatrist will assess this in your initial consultation to determine how to best implement your treatment plan.

Do orthotics make my feet weaker?

They definitely don’t! When you wear orthotics as part of your treatment plan they allow the foot to move in a way is more efficient. So if a tissue is injured due to too much stress going through it an orthotic will reduce the load in that tissue and let it function normally. 
By allowing the tissue to function normally it gets stronger from its injured state, in conjunction with a strengthening protocol prescribed by your podiatrist.

What if my orthotics aren’t working?

If you feel that your orthotics aren’t working or are uncomfortable, let us know! Don’t just stop wearing them and wait for your review appointment with us. Let us know as soon as you can so we can arrange to see you sooner and sort out the problem. Remember we can’t help you if we don’t know there is a problem.

How do you make my orthotics?

After your initial consultation your podiatrist will come up with a treatment plan. If orthotic therapy has been decided on as part of your plan a cast or scan will be taken of your foot. Using specially designed software, an orthotic prescription will be written. 

This prescription is individual to you and your feet. Once the prescription has been written the orthotic is made off site and mailed to us on completion. This process on average takes 5-7 days. You will be asked to return for a fitting of the orthotics.

What happens in my first visit?

Congratulations you have called and made an appointment with us – welcome to the Podiatry Mackay family. You may be emailed an information sheet on which we ask for some personal details and a brief injury history for you to fill and return to us. If you aren’t emailed this, never fear, we have plenty of copies in reception for you to fill out when you get here. 

We really appreciate it if you bring several pairs of shoes with you, especially ones that you exercise in and/or spend most of your days in. Also being able to see your legs , knees and feet is a real help to us so wearing a pair of shorts or similar is perfect (please don’t wear a skirt, they get in the way and can cause some uncomfortable situations during the consultation).

After we have had a chat about your pain/injury, we will begin our assessment by doing some movement and foot posture testing while you are sitting and standing. Once we have done all of those initial assessments, then the fun part begins. 

We like to use video assessments of you walking and running to get a really good idea of what is happening. This is done either on a treadmill or walking in one of the consult rooms. Your podiatrist will then go through your video with you and explain what they see, in the least technical way possible (because not everyone speaks podiatry).

Once all of this information has been collected by your podiatrist, they will devise an individual treatment plan which gets put into action straight away. Sometimes shoe changes may need to be made, strapping applied to your foot or exercises given – every injury is different. 

Often we may need more information like x-rays or ultrasound or a quick call to your physio and/or doctor. We like to have a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and work closely with several different types of health professionals.

Generally we try to review you as soon as we can to check on your progress. If you are having any problems before your review appointment a quick phone call or email to let us know is greatly appreciated. That way we can see you sooner or give some quick advice to address the problem before your appointment review.

We hope this has been helpful in preparing you for your appointment with us. If you have any questions before you come we are happy to answer them for you to the best of our availability.
We look forward to meeting you!
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